Diablo 4 is out on Steam

Diablo 4 officially released on October 17th Steam. A recent Blizzard project reached the Valve platform 4 months after its release in its own Battle.net launcher. Previously, Overwatch 2 and past parts of Call of Duty also reached the service.

The game is not available on Russian Steam due to the company’s withdrawal from the domestic market. In Kazakhstan, the basic edition of DIablo 4 will cost 24,749 tenge with a 25% discount (about 5,000 rubles), the maximum edition will cost 35,399 tenge (about 7,300 rubles).

In Turkey, prices are slightly lower: 1296 liras (about 4500 rubles) for the standard edition and 1844 liras (about 6500 rubles) for the maximum edition.

Along with the release of Diablo 4 on Steam, the game launched its second season of support. Among the main changes in the upcoming update are new bosses, many themed events, special vampire abilities, improved balance and much more.

Source: Rambler

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