Ash from Evil Dead has arrived in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Last month, Activision shared a roadmap for updates to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) and other games. In honor of Halloween, the game is hosting The Haunting event with various collaborations, the most recent of which brings Ash from Evil Dead to the game.

The hero was first discovered by data miners. Now the fighter against the damned has become available for purchase as an operator for 2400 CoD points (about $25). He also has a unique finishing animation – Boomstick Boogie, with a reference to the character’s shotgun and his iconic phrase.

Ash’s pack includes blueprints for the Lockwood 300 Shotgun and Kastov 762 Assault Rifle, which turn bloody after killing enemies, a chainsaw weapon charm, and a themed weapon sticker, loading screen, and emblem.

Fans of the shooter appreciated the collaboration and began repeating Ash’s phrases from the films, including “groovy” (meaning “excellent”). Commentators also called on Activision to add another brutal shooter to the game – Duke Nukem from the game series of the same name.

Source: Rambler

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