9Pandas left The International 2023 – 3 teams from the CIS remained in the tournament

At the end of the second day of the playoffs of The International 2023, the main Dota 2 tournament of the year left 4 teams. These included Shopify Rebellion and Evil Geniuses, which took 13-16th places, as well as TSM and 9Pandas, which went a little further and took 9-12th places.

All matches ended with a score of 2:0, so there was practically no intrigue in them. The highlight of the day was the victory of nouns over TSM, as analysts considered this team to be the underdog of the match.

Thus, there are 3 teams left at TI12 from the CIS: Team Spirit, BetBoom Team and Virtus.pro. At the same time, the last 2 are one step away from relegation and will fight for survival on October 22-23.

Source: Rambler

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