State employee salaries are on the rise, but one category outperforms them all: The numbers.

The benefits will be reflected in salaries as early as 2023, possibly in December.Meanwhile, the contract renewal round begins in January 2024: the numbers

The salaries of civil servants are also rising. His 2024 budget for the Meloni government allocates resources for anticipated state contract renewals. As the Minister explained, the benefits could be seen as early as 2023, perhaps as early as December. administration Paolo Zangrillo: “We plan to make an advance payment of 2 billion by December, probably by the 13th, in order to pass on the costs to 2023 without burdening 2024, which will be a complex year. It’s about paying it forward and it should be done on the side. Local governments have the resources, too,” he added. But let’s see what kind of numbers we are talking about.

Salaries will increase by 6%, but one category will be better than the other

Various categories of the public sector are waiting for contract renewals, in part because inflation is eroding the purchasing power of Italians in the meantime. The contract round for renewal from 2022 to 2024, which begins in January, will fall far short of covering Ipca, the consumer price index that measures the loss in purchasing power of wages. But I told the union, if we had done that, if we had covered IPCA, we would have had to do a $31 billion maneuver,” Zangrillo said.

“Dreams and reality are two different things,” the Pennsylvania minister added, hoping to be able to move forward “as soon as possible” even though the minister acknowledged, “I don’t have a glass bead, but we strive to be noble.” “We have to do it” during the negotiation process. ”

“The average salary increase for everyone is 170 euros, which corresponds to a 6% increase. Doctors’ salaries will definitely increase,” Zangrillo said. “We are preparing to start negotiations in January, after the approval of the budget law, with security, defence, health and local government in mind,” the minister added, adding that the generally scheduled Alang He explained that he wanted to reverse the timeline of negotiations. Let’s start with the national sector. “This time, we will start with local governments, not the national government,” he emphasized.

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