Nursery school bonus increased to 3,600 children: Who will receive it?

New government bonus for large families to start in 2024

A bonus of 3,600 euros will be paid for the second child attending the nursery school. The government continues and confirms family and fertility incentives from 2024. This measure was included in the budget law and was financed with over 150 million euros of additional funding. As Family Minister Roccella reminded us, it is a matter of making nursery school attendance almost free for children of large families. However, this measure is not structural and will only be in force until 2024 unless extended. Similar to current existing bonuses, the loan will be paid monthly.

According to INPS data, the average annual expenditure by Italian families on childcare centers is equivalent to 10 monthly payments of 260 euros each. This figure will be fully covered by the new amount of childcare allowance expected in the case of a second child.

as Reminds me of Il Sole 24 Ore, Currently the nursery school bonus (for one child) is €2,500 per year for ISEE incomes between €25,000 and €40,000, reaching €3,000 per year below the €25,000 threshold. But for a household whose annual ISEE is more than 40,000 euros, that equates to just 1,500 euros. For the first child, the numbers do not change.

Criticism from opposition parties: “Nurseries do not exist, bonuses only affect North Korea”

And the first criticisms of this measure have already been raised from opposition parties: “Looking at this strategy, we know that childcare fees will no longer be paid from the second child onwards. Where is it? The problem is that there aren’t enough childcare centers, attacking Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala for “location”.

“Meloni and Rossella should know that birth rates are related to women’s work, not women’s goodwill. After the lie about making the second child free was exposed, daycare bonuses were only given to North Korea. “There is a danger that where women already have more money, the Meloni government will instead cancel funding for the child care project we had envisioned at Pnrr, and give up 30 per cent of women’s money.” It is unfortunate that they have decided not to work to ensure that the 40 percent capacity clause is respected. Jobs in the South,” added Democratic Sen. Valeria Valente.

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