Government lowers Rai license fee

A quarter of your TV subscription will no longer be paid on your bill. Budget 2024 provides for this

Rai’s license fee will go from 90 euros to 70 euros. Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti said this at the end of the Council of Ministers meeting to launch the 2024 budget. If Deputy Prime Minister Salvini announces fare reductions in the bill, it will be up to the economy minister to clarify how he will do so. The Rai license fee paid in the invoice will be from 20 euros to 15 euros.

The reduction in the league’s historic Rai license fee is one of the surprises of the new financial package, included in the document approved by the Council of Ministers today. The government decides to “save money” on public television. Currently, payments are made either by deducting payments from the electricity company’s bill in 10-month installments from January to October each year, or by deducting them from your pension.

The TV license fee is payable only once for each registered family by anyone who owns a television and only if the family members live in the same home.

Source: Today

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