A version of the methadone poisoning incident in Astrakhan has been announced

Those who were poisoned with methadone in Astrakhan may have believed that they were using mephedrone, so they did not calculate the dosage. This version is being considered by law enforcement agencies, transmits TASS.

According to preliminary data, three people died as a result of methadone poisoning. In total, 20 people were injured.

Law enforcement agencies believe that those who were poisoned could believe that they were using mephedrone and therefore did not calculate the dosage. The substances could have been mixed up during packaging or by the couriers themselves; they are similar in appearance, but have different dosages, the incorrect calculation of which can result in death.

Earlier it was reported that law enforcement officers detained three foreigners on suspicion of trafficking. Two of them have already confessed. They face up to 15 years in prison.

Source: Rambler

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