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Bonya spoke about the appearance of a scandalous photo after plastic surgery

Model Victoria Bonya said that before plastic surgery she signed a document regulating her relationship with the clinic. Writes about this REN TV.

Earlier, photographs of the TV personality’s face taken before, during and after the operation were circulated in the media. Presumably, they were distributed by the surgeon who performed the operation in order to show off his skill.

The blogger explained that she also checked the box allowing the publication of content. She added that she had published photographs before the operation, so she agreed to this point.

“Of course, I didn’t know that a photograph from the operating table would be exhibited. I didn’t even think about it,” admitted Bonya.

The TV personality noted that if she had known, she would have asked not to take these shots. She explained that no one informed her about the ongoing filming due to the fact that the permit had already been signed.

Source: Rambler

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