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The expert explained why Russia conducts few experiments in orbit

At the International Space Station (ISS), Russian cosmonauts are limited in conducting experiments due to lack of funding, the general designer emphasized Roscosmos Vladimir Solovyov at a conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the station. He expressed the need to end the practice of funding space research on a “residual” basis and called for more vigorous action.

Solovyov noted that in terms of the number of experiments conducted in space, Russia lags behind most space powers and emphasized the importance of decisively combating this trend. According to statistics, Russia is now ahead only of Canada in the number of scientific studies conducted.

According to the presented graphs, Roscosmos conducts about 204 experiments per year, while European Space Agency – 465, Japan – 911, and NASAAmerican space agency, conducts more than 1.6 thousand experiments. This has prompted calls for more efficient use of resources and increased activity in scientific research in space.

Source: Rambler

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