“Sweatshirt with satanic symbol of Julia Cecchettin’s sister”: Derangement of local councilor Baldegamberi

In a Facebook post, supporters of Zaia’s civil list made a heavy declaration and went so far as to allude to “acts” on Elena’s part.President Beneto and the League part ways

Perhaps driven by an unstoppable urge to express something, perhaps in search of a few hours of visibility, the local councilor of Veneto, alias Stefano Baldegamberi, on his Facebook page: I decided it was appropriate to attack what Elena Chekettin declared. , Julia’s sister has placed the spotlight on herself despite herself, due to her commendable work spreading the scourge of gender violence during this deeply painful time. is used.


“I heard the declaration of Julia’s sister about Dorit and Lovesio,” writes Baldegamberi, a member of the mixed group elected to Zaia’s list, on his page. Not only were they unable to persuade him, but he said, “I am indifferent in the face of such a great tragedy, but they have raised questions and doubts in me, which I hope the judge will carefully assess.” I don’t agree with his statement at all. It seems to me like an ideological message,” constructed ad hoc and ready to be implemented. ”

“Symbol of the Devil”

It is unclear what the magistrate will delve into, and may instead decide to dig even deeper into what the councilor has said. In fact, Elena Cecchettin goes so far as to imply that she somehow knew what Filippo Turreta was alleging. I did the same thing with her sister Julia. But the confusion doesn’t end here. “And sweatshirts with certain satanic symbols can help us understand a lot, writes Baldegamberi… We hope the investigation will reveal. Patriarchal society?? Rape culture?? Is there more here? Just go look at his social media and your suspicions will be confirmed. Almost justifying the murderer by shifting the blame to “patriarchal society” It is an attempt to do so. Rather than a patriarchal society, we should be talking about a satanic society, dear girl. You’re like, “I could be wrong and it’s just my suggestion,” he concluded.

In short, we are in the midst of a Telegram chat rant with flat earthers, Trump and Putin followers, and people who spread fake news about vaccines and cured coronavirus with bleach enemas. The problem is that this gentleman is not a member of the Seren del Grappa tavern, but a member of the local council. This says a lot about the choices made when creating the list. In fact, the sweatshirt worn by Julia Cecchettin’s sister has that logo on it and can be purchased at the “Thrasher Mmagazine” store, a magazine that talks about skateboarding, but which apparently has nothing to do with Satanism. there is no.

Scarpa (PD): “Baldegamberi resigns”

“Democratic Rep. Rachel Scarpa said in her damning statement that Baldegambari calls into question the existence of a patriarchal society and rape culture. But most of all, he still commits violence. He does it with impunity. So, thanks to another wealthy white man, he uses his position as a public figure to disrupt the same culture that kills people. “Please resign immediately. Your words taint public discourse and put us all at risk.”

Zaia: “I am completely disconnected from Baldegamberi’s words.”

Meanwhile, on the other front, the alliance hastened to issue a statement stating that the councilors were not party members or extremists. And even Luca Zaia, the president of Veneto, has clearly condemned what his advisers wrote. “I am completely separated from what Stefano Baldegambari has written,” he said, and I am completely separated from his words, both in the concepts and the methods expressed. I think it’s time for pain and respect. The personal declaration of the sister of the girl who lost her life in this tragic manner should never trigger the intervention of a magistrate. We are all called to deep and intimate reflection and, above all, to combat all forms of violence against women in our society. Julia is the 105th innocent victim in this country. There is much work to be done to train the entire community. Activities in schools, new generations and across social strata are welcome. ”

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