From silence to censorship of rappers, the government is confused about gender violence

Regarding the murder of Julia Cecchettin, the majority party is divided over whether it should be announced, an extravagant proposal, or an initiative with questionable effectiveness.

During this time, political parties supporting Meloni’s government have been searching for solutions and answers to public opinion shocked by the recent violence against women, the latest victim of the patriarchy, and have made their presence known. political parties are trying to recognize it. This means that the various souls that make up the cadre will travel in random order over the murder of Julia Cecchettin. On the other hand, some, like Infrastructure and Transport Minister Matteo Salvini, are using the crime as yet another excuse to flood social media with posts about key-throwing, life sentences and chemical castration. However, on the other hand, there are also people like the following. , within the majority itself, it follows less the intuitions of public opinion and tries to offer more rational interpretations.

Mr. Calderone (Fi): “No to useless rules to quell anger”

“Julia was murdered. Posts of outrage, anger, disbelief and pure pain are understandable and justified, but this issue is sensitive and must be approached carefully and seriously,” Judicial Council Forza said.・Italian group leader Tommaso Calderone wrote: Montecitorio ; In other words, it’s not for everyone. “What are the consequences of increased penalties? 105 women were murdered. Our system provides for a maximum penalty of life imprisonment for aggravated murder. We cannot go on. The stomach tells us to invoke the death penalty, but the head, reason, religious feeling, and the Constitution tell us that it is impossible.”

Deputy Prime Minister Forgista appears to be referring precisely to the Deputy Prime Minister’s remarks, but also to the latest security policy set out by Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi. This policy, in addition to stiffening penalties for some categories of crimes, is exactly what many have criticized. There is little you can do to prevent them. As Calderone explains, the murder of a woman is almost always followed by suicide by the killer. Therefore, if a person were to take their own life, could they be worried about earthly punishment? I don’t think so. Therefore, it makes no sense to create or pass unnecessary regulations just to appease the public’s anger. Instead, it would be beneficial to educate, educate and teach generations of absolute respect for women, wives and partners. It is beneficial to overturn prejudice and regulate prevention in families, schools, universities, secular and religious communities, everywhere. ”

Rossella: “Mothers must educate boys”

Then we have Eugenia Roccella, Minister of Families and Equal Opportunities. Although he does not share the theory that deterrence involves increasing penalties, he seems to have a somewhat idiosyncratic view of prevention. “It is essential, the minister declared, that from an early age mothers educate their sons to respect women and their freedoms without being bound by gender stereotypes.” In short, for defenders of the traditional family When it comes to conveying certain values ​​to boys, the father is of secondary importance, and the mother must take full responsibility for this.

Mr. Rossella does not hide that he is still indifferent towards emotional education and sex education in schools. The right sees it as smoke and mirrors, an attempt to influence young children with the infamous “gender theory.” “We need to examine which actions are really effective,” the minister said, noting that Sweden, for example, has higher rates of violence against women and more femicide than Italy, yet We provide sex education.

1 minute of silence and 12 hours of “human relations education”

So, in order to intervene in education without denying what was said only a few weeks ago, and above all without creating a rift in the most extremist elements of the government, who absolutely do not want sexuality in schools, Giuseppe Minister of Education and Merit Valditara took the following actions: Although it is still in the experimental stage, they are taking action with the idea of ​​introducing one hour of “human relations education” a week to high schools. The initiative was announced by him and Rossella himself on November 22nd and will include “the intervention of influencers, singers and actors to get closer to young people and fully involve them in the path of emotional education.” . According to the draft, students will participate in group discussions moderated by teachers and directly exchange opinions on the topic. The project will also bring in support from psychologists, lawyers, social workers and organizations opposed to gender violence.

Instead, a moment of silence is planned for tomorrow, Tuesday, November 21, “in memory of Julia and all women victims of violence.” The initiative has already been criticized by the victim’s sister, but many have also pointed out the choice of words used in a circular sent by the minister to school principals across the country, which states: “Domination and male oppression” “Another female victim of the culture” is mentioned. He reiterated that for the right, the word “patriarchy” is as difficult to pronounce as “anti-fascism.”

Lamperi: “Boycott the rapper’s songs”

And some believe that rappers’ songs need to be censored to stop violence against women. This is supported by Fabio Rampelli, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Leading Promoter of Fratelli Italia, who shared the request submitted by Kodacons and said: “It is important to recognize the role of music in the education of young people,” he explains. “Many texts and works in this genre are sexist and violent, far removed from artistic creativity, and often , flavored with pro-drug and anti-law enforcement messages. Women are objects to be consumed, transcribed onto banknotes, vulgarized and vulgarized, and a kind of sexual commodity, he added. “It is used as a means of personal gratification. While this is certainly not the only approach that should be taken, there is no doubt that youth frustration is widespread, driven by a number of factors, and that it is too This often leads to animal-like violence and unhealthy relationships.

Investigation status

While politicians are dividing themselves between ideas and propaganda and looking for more or less effective answers, the reenactment of the last hours that led to the murder of Julia Cecchettin, a woman by her ex-lover Filippo Turreta. Investigators are continuing to work to find out. Arrested in Germany, he accepted extradition and was brought back to Italy within about 10 days, where his trial will begin immediately. The 22-year-old is being held in Germany’s Halle Prison, where he is charged with kidnapping and voluntary manslaughter, aggravated by emotional connection. The Venice Public Prosecutor’s Office – as we read in the memo – “following the results of technical consultation and further investigations” will bring forward a clearer and therefore more precise legal framework for the development of facts. will be possible. ”The autopsy of the girl’s body and the necessary documentary evidence to definitively confirm the time of her death should already be in place.

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